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We are now offering group classes! Starting in the month September, we will be offering two math courses. The class are offered once a week for a a fee of $60 per month.

  • Math Matters --(3rd - 5th graders) -- Every Monday at 5:30pm. Students will learn genuine reasoning skills, allowing them to excel in real world math connections. The course incorporates techniques that maximize learning for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners. It is a guarantee that students in Math Matters will be engaged, challenged, and will succeed!

  • Algebra Foundations -- (6th grade and up) -- Every Wednesday at 5:30pm. Students will learn the basics of algebra and fully understand how letters and numbers interact in math. All upper grade math courses are based on Algebra. Therefore, building a solid foundation is essential. This class incorporates hands-on learning opportunities that are guaranteed to help students make deep connections.



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