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Dr. Ariel Taylor

Dr. Ariel J. Taylor is the Director of UTeach Accelerate, a secondary STEM teacher preparation program for degree holders and career changers. As a UTeach Alumnus, Ariel takes pride in preparing the best educators to enter the field.

Dr. Taylor is the Director of, formerly Elevation Station EDU. She provides learning experiences to both students and educators across the country focusing on blended learning, differentiation, student accountability and data tracking, and authentic engagement versus ritual compliance. Professional development and tutorials are designed to be prescriptive learning opportunities that are customized for the clients needs.

On behalf of, Dr. Taylor travels the country presenting at educator conferences. These presentations focus on teacher growth and student achievement through the use of technology, student data tracking, standards based learning and student accountability. Ariel serves as a consultant with campuses and districts to provide teacher support and professional learning community training for small teams.

She has worked in education for 9 years as a high school mathematics instructor, instructional specialist and assistant professor of practice. Taylor holds a Master of Arts in Mathematics as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, both from the University of Texas at Austin. She received her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) with a focus on Professional Leadership and Policy Studies at the Unviersity of Houston.

Dr. Taylor is the Founding Director of The RISE Project 501(c)3, which hosts several youth empowerment events throughout the year, including the EmpowerMENt Conference and RISE On The Road. Her hobbies include crafting, photography and traveling. 

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