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Client 5

Experience Day Camps

June 18-22, June 25-29

Description: True learning occurs when students go through experiences. The learning has more meaning, is more relevant, and tends to stay with the students for a longer period of time. Give your kids the opportunity to experience their learning! Rather than sit inside a classroom and do worksheets, kids explore the city and interact with the content. Students will learn concepts such as linear equations, slope, unit rate, reading comprehension and analysis, eco-system, velocity and acceleration, economics, modern government, historical references and so much more. The week is packed with learning opportunities that cannot be simulated inside a classroom.

Location: Meet Daily in Richmond, TX 77407

Contact: or call Dr. Taylor @ 832.827.4358

Cost: Full Day Camps (1 day: $55, 5 days: 9am -3pm, $200/ week); Extended Day (8am -5:30pm, +$80/week)

Dates: June 18-22  and June 25-29

Registration Fee: $35.00 (Includes one camp shirt)

Exclusive Discounts:  Current clients waived registration fee

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