Amazon Deals 10/6/20

Check out these Amazon deals! Using these links, you can get extra percentages of the regular Amazon price. Subscribe to the blog to not miss a deal!

  1. Magnetic Eye Lashes 55% off! httpsttps:// Promo Code: 55J9WUNZ

  2. Mini Sewing Machine 35% off! Promo Code: 35TGWTBF

  3. (EXPIRED) Watches 80% off! Promo Code: 80O6OJSD

  4. (EXPIRED) Speaker 60%off! Promo Code: 604PS221

  5. Apple Air Pods Case 70%off! Promo Code: 70YUSXYS

  6. Fuzzy Rug 80 % off! Promo Code: 808696GCP

  7. Luggage Cover 70% off! Promoromoromoromo Code 70YNSEJO

I'll post new deals on this blog everyday! Come back tomorrow to see what's available.


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