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Who's Driving the Car?

It is not humanly possible for one person to drive 20-30 cars at one time. Our students must be held accountable for their own learning and be able to drive the vehicle that will allow them to get to their individual destinations. Learn ways for your students to track their own data by standards that have meaning to them!


Party of Four Please!

Have you ever imagined your classroom as a restaurant? Do so, and you will be able to naturally differentiate the content, process, product and learning environment to ensure learning for ALL students.


Number 3 Pencils Allowed

The purpose of an assessment is to allow students to demonstrate mastery of the content. This session will introduce participants to alternative methods of assessing students' knowledge acquisition, and to ways of sing assessments :FOR" learning. Let's think outside the box and away from the bubble sheet. Ready, Set, Assess!


Say It, Know It, Show It!

Fun and interactive activities that help students engage with STEM vocabulary. 

Best Apps!

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