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Dr. Ariel J. Taylor enjoys teaching, tutoring and training students and teachers. She provides learning experiences to both students and educators across the country focusing on blended learning, differentiation, student accountability and data tracking, and authentic engagement versus ritual compliance. Professional development and tutorials are designed to be prescriptive learning opportunities that are customized for the clients needs.

On behalf of (Elevation Station EDU), Dr. Taylor travels the country presenting at educator conferences. These presentations focus on teacher growth and student achievement through the use of technology, student data tracking, standards based learning and student accountability. Ariel serves as a consultant with campuses and districts to provide teacher support and professional learning community training for small teams.

She has worked in education for 9 years as a high school mathematics instructor, instructional specialist and assistant professor of practice. Taylor holds a Master of Arts in Mathematics as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, both from the University of Texas at Austin. She received her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) with a focus on Professional Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Houston.

Ariel J. Taylor, Ed.D.


Educational Consultant

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Coaching & Consulting

Coachng & Consulting

Ariel enjoys providing coaching and consulting services to individual teachers across the United States. This service is prescriptive for each of the clients and customized to address specific needs. Teachers can training requests or choose from a list of topics. If you looking for motivation and skills, Ariel can provide both in an interactive and engaging way!

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Ariel is an engaging keynote presenter with 10 years of experiences presenting at local, regional, state, national and international conferences. Ariel shares best practices to inspire educators to craft their stories of effective and authentically engaging learning experiences. 


Ariel's most recognized and passionate topics include: 

  • Immersive Classrooms with VR and AR

  • AI In the Classroom

  • The Restaurant Classroom Model

  • Differentiation

  • Blended Learning

  • Standards Based Grading

  • Student Accountability

  • Authentic Engagement

  • Alternative Assessments

  • Student Data Tracking

  • Teaching with Technology (Tech Tools)

Watch Ariel's 2019 Keynote Follow-Up Interview at the

UTeach STEM Educators Conference

Future Presentations

Past Presentations

UTeach STEM Educators Conference -- Keynote

2019 -- Austin, TX

UTeach Conference -- Panelist, Speaker, Poster Session

2019, 2018, 2017 -- Austin, TX

CAMT -- Speaker

2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 -- Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, TX

Texas Instruments International Conference -- Speaker

2019 -- Baltimore, MD

2018 -- Chicago, IL

21st Century Learning Conference -- Speaker

2018 -- Hong Kong

Professional Development

Professional Development

Ariel has provided professional development to campuses and districts in Texas and Louisiana. The professional development is designed to simulate skills teachers will implement in their classrooms. Teacher leave the training sessions with tools ready for immediate use. Trainings are differentiated teachers of various proficiency levels. 

Ariel also provides professional development through nationally renowned organizations including: 

Watch watch highlights from Ariel's 

Student Data Tracking PD

at Barkdull Faulk Elementary School in Monroe, LA

Mathematics Tutorials

Mathematics Tutorials

Dr. Taylor has been providing prescriptive mathematics tutorials for over 15 years! She offers a variety of tutorial formats to meet the needs of her diverse group of clients. Students can choose from one-on-one, small group, face-to-face, or virtual sessions. Sessions start at $45.00 per hour and vary depending on grade level, format and frequency. Students who have been tutored by Dr. Taylor have experience multiple grade level increases. Tutoring is offered for 3rd grade through college level courses. 

Dr. Taylor is a certified Math Master Teacher in the state of Texas. She has experience teaching middle school math, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Math Models, Statistics, Calculus, College Algebra, Developmental Math, and College Functions and Modeling. 

In addition to math courses, Dr. Taylor also provides test prep sessions for STAAR, ACT, SAT, TExES and TSI exams. 


Have you ever needed homework help and there was not a teacher or tutor available to help with your misconception? That will NEVER happen again with SnapEDU!


SnapEDU is an on demand math video tutorials subscription plan. Simply snap a photo of a math problem, and send it to the instructor. You will receive a short video tutorial explaining how to do the problem within 1-hour* of your request.

Basic Subscription: $12.00 per month -- 8 SnapEDU requests

Premium Subscription: $18.00 per month --16 SnapEDU requests and access to the full video library.

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Snap EDU

Summer Jumpstart Camps

COVID interrupted the learning process for our children. Invest in your child's math education this summer by enrolling him/her in the summer jumpstart program! In small groups, students will review their current grade level concepts and be introduced to the first nine weeks course topics for the next grade level. See the photo for more information.

Summer Camps

Home school Online Courses

HomeSchool Curriculum

Are you considering home schooling your child? Dr. Taylor can help! She has developed online courses through Google Classroom which provide your child with a curation of resources that will meet them wherever they are and catapult their proficiency levels. Each course is composed of modules based directly on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and Ariel's Essential Life Skills. These modules of comprise of real world applications, projects and inquiry based learning. Students can go through these courses at their own pace, in their own place and following their own path. 

Purchase of a course includes a personalized tutor to facilitate the learning process and a subscription to SnapEDU. 

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